Why do a weekly review, and how to do it?

Goals infinite: Why do a weekly review and how to do itEvery report, thesis, presentation, and article should end with a summary. It gives the reader an overview of the content that they just experienced. This idea can be applied to working on your goals in the form of a review. The goal of this article is to give a clear picture of what is a weekly review, how it is done and why should you make it part of your weekly routine. First, let’s talk about the review itself!

What is a weekly review?

A weekly review is a short weekly event where you summarise the progress made in the recent past and plan the next steps to make progress in the near future.

What does a weekly review look like?

First of all, I highly recommend scheduling this review. You should have a dedicated time slot in your calendar for this event when you can work in a distraction-free environment. This should be a recurring event, so keep that timeslot free every week. The review itself should not be long. I recommend a 20-minute long session, but 10, 30 or 45 is fine as well.

Here I’d like to mention, that a review doesn’t have to be weekly to work. You can have daily, monthly or quarterly reviews as well but make sure you have a regular event where you summarise what happened in the recent past. I just prefer it weekly, that’s why it is in the focus of this article.

Now let’s look what steps will make a good review:

  1. Check all the subgoals or tasks that you scheduled for the past week. How did they go and were you able to finish them? If you’re done with one, cross it off your list. Undone things’ importance will be reconsider. If it is important reschedule for the upcoming week, if not just forget it.
  2. Set new subgoals and schedule them for the upcoming week. These are the goals that you’ll review the next week. If you reached any milestones cross them off your list and set new ones.
  3. When done with the review and all went well you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and deserve a prize.

If you wish to add some extra step feel free to do so, but keep it simple. A good review is short and efficient.

What are the benefits of doing weekly reviews?

  1. It makes sure that no important tasks are left behind. As mentioned before you’ll have to reschedule all the important but unfinished tasks. This way only the big fishes will be caught in the net.
  2. Tasks that seem important on the first look, but in reality, they are not will be filtered. Haven’t you finished it? Maybe it is not that important. If this is the case, just cross it out from your list to make room for more important tasks.
  3. You’ll have a dedicated timeslot for this in your weekly routine. This is not just a great way to build a habit, but letting your environment know that this is a “Do not disturb” time of the week.
  4. You plan ahead. Setting new subgoals, tasks and milestones are key to make continuous progress. Don’t forget, as I mentioned in my The building blocks of an awesome plan article you don’t have to come up with a whole plan, just with the next ones.
  5. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment. Overviewing all the progress you made in a week may induce good feelings about your progress and your goal. It will give a boost to motivation as you experience success.

Doing reviews regularly is definitely a good thing and it doesn’t have to be hard, high effort or time consuming. The steps mentioned above give you the basic idea how a session should look like and the benefits look tempting enough to make weekly reviews a part of your routine. If you wish to share any ideas related to this article, you can do that by commenting or writing an email. I’d really like to know what you think, all feedback is welcome!


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