This letter is a perfect summary of the growth mindset

Goals Infinite: This letter is a perfect summary of the growth mindsetI’ve recently bumped into this letter. It was sent to a child in a third world country, where he started to receive education through a sponsorship. His sponsor wrote this letter using simple language to help shape the young boy’s mind. He wanted the child not to waste this opportunity but squeeze it for every drop of knowledge. The ideas presented here are summarising the growth mindset perfectly.

A letter about growth mindset

My dear child!

[…] Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world. With knowledge we can understand how the world works and make it better for our selves. It can feed the hungry, build cities or can help you see the world. We can gain knowledge by learning and now you have this great opportinity to do so. […]

In the country where I live many children take learning for granted. They go to school because they have to, not because they want to. They don’t take it seriously and don’t realize they are losing one of the biggest opportunities of their lives. […]

Some of us may have been born smarter, but that doesn’t mean, that they will remain that way. The one who works the hardest will be the smartest. Learning is an ability we all have. To get better at something with practice and hard work is in our blood. Anyone can do it, no exceptions. Work hard, so you can be the smartest!

One of the best learning opportunities is when you fail. You may feel anger, shame, sadness. But you have to understand what you have to do differently the next time to succeed. This is what turns a defeat into a victory. Learn from failure as it is not the end!

If you have trouble understanding something in school don’t be shy and ask for help. There is no shame in learning and knowing more through questions. […]

I wish you take the message of this letter to heart and do your best to become a smart, educated person. Become someone who can achieve great things for his country, his community, his family and himself. Good luck!

The Sponsor

The summary

The core message of this letter goes hand in hand with the principles of the growth mindset. Understanding that our intelligence is not static, but can be improved; learning from failure instead of admitting defeat and the importance of effort over talent is what makes the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. If you want to explain the growth mindset to someone, read them this letter. I’m sure even a child can understand it.

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