The building blocks of an awesome plan

The building blocks of an awesome plan: Goals InfiniteThe importance of planning has been emphasised on this blog quite a few times before. Articles like Planning your future starts with you and Dreams are not Goals both focuses on motivating and inspiring the reader to come up with a plan. This week we’ll give you the tools to do it. The goal of this article is to introduce you a structure and its building blocks to come up with a simple yet powerful plan that you will follow to reach your goals.

The building blocks

First I want to introduce the building blocks, so you’ll understand their purpose and the difference between them. To make this introduction clear, I’ll use the example of a vacuum sales person because this soon-to-be-extinct career choice represents the necessary mindset.


This is what you want to achieve. Make sure that you define it well, as it will make it much easier to focus on. You will work until you reach the end until you reach your goal. Of course, you can always set new goals when you achieved the previous one, in fact, I highly encourage all my readers to do so. Here at Goals Infinite, we believe in continuous improvement.

Using the vacuum salesman example:

“My goal is to make $10000 a month selling vacuums”


Smaller, simpler goals or tasks that you’ll do in order to get closer to your main goal. These can be daily, weekly, monthly or without time constraints. Each time you complete or achieve subgoals, you get one step closer to the main goal. Subgoals come and go as you make progress, so you’ll have to set new ones often. I do daily and weekly subgoals as well. They can be as simple as editing an article or going out on a date. Only set subgoals, that you can directly influence. Here’s a productivity tip that helps me a lot: when I’m not feeling comfortable doing a subgoal, I just break it down into smaller steps. You have no idea how much this can improve a procrastinators productivity.

Using the vacuum salesman example:

“Today I’ll go to 25 house with the purpose of selling them vacuums.”


Milestones are little bits of success that you don’t have direct control over. This is because it is most likely will depend on other people. No matter how good you are at something, the outcome often is not 100% in your control. You can say your are a safe driver, but if another car hits your car while your driving, it is still an accident. Milestones are important as they often show your progress and shows when you achieved your goal. Every goal should have measurable indicators, and setting targets for these indicators will be the birth of a milestone.

Using the vacuum salesman example:

  • “I want to have my first sale.”
  • “Time to get 10 buying customers.”
  • “I want to have the first month where I’ll have revenue above $10000.

The structure

Now, let’s see how these building blocks come together, what is the structure that I mentioned before. This simple image and the following bullet points should give you a full understanding of how this structure works.


  1. Set your goal. Use this infographic to do it right.
  2. Break down your goal into subgoals. These should be the next steps you have to take, in order to make progress.
  3. Set milestones to track your progress. These will indicate how far are you from reaching your goal.
  4. Work on your subgoals!
  5. Review your progress. If necessary, set new subgoals or milestones.
  6. Repeat until you reach your goal.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

There you have it, the tool to come up with a plan. This simple structure is so powerful and so easy to do. There is no way you can’t do this in just a couple of minutes. If you have anything related to this article that you wish to share, feel free to write me an email about it, or leave a comment. Feedback is always welcome.


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