Simple and productive life with a dumb phone

Goals Infinite: Simple and productive life with a dumb phoneRecently I downgraded my smartphone to a simpler one in order to make my life simple and more productive. I’d like to present the thought process behind this change and the results I got. The goal of this article is to convince the readers to consider adjusting their phone habits or even convince them to switch to a simpler phone.

What did I get from my smartphone?

Smartphones are wonderful things. They can be tools of information and a well-organised life but that depends on how you use it. But that is not what I used my phone and I believe that that is not how most of us do it. The constant internet connection, apps and games to the exact opposite. Many of us even get addicted to these time wasters and miss out on social interactions, productivity and more. Here’s a list of things that I did on my smartphone in my free time:

  • Surfing the web without a purpose (a lot),
  • Checking my emails,
  • Checking my social media,
  • Chating.

This goes even further. Whenever my phone got a notification I stopped everything to check it. Most of the time it was just a note from one of the applications, but it was never urgent. Sounds familiar? Then I asked myself:

  • Do I need these notifications at all?
  • Do I need to be informed about these updates immediately?
  • Do I have to be online on all these platforms constantly?
  • Do I need access to these platform from my phone?
  • Do I even need an internet connection on my phone?
  • If I just turn everything from above OFF, will that be enough?

The answer was NO to all these questions. No I don’t need notifications, no I don’t need to be CONSTANTLY online and no, I don’t need access to all those platforms from my phone. So, I made the decision to switch my $100 smartphone to a $20 “dumbphone”.

Sure, you can always say, you just need to be more mindful about how you actually use your phone and I agree. If you have the willpower and discipline you can avoid all those problems mentioned above, but that is not the case with me. The reason I did this was, that I know that drastic measures work on me better than small steps.

What I got from changing to a simple phone?

Even today, I still find myself reaching into my pocket to do some mindless surfing on the web when I’m bored. But now I can’t as this phone has no access to the Internet. This made me more mindful about how I spend my free time. I’m still looking for habits, that will help me fill this void, but I already did more reading this week, than in the previous month. I’m also considering to do writing, socialise more, listening to podcasts, audiobooks and more.

The notifications stopped as well for the same reason and this helps me create a more productive and distraction-free environment to work in. The only time my phone makes noise when someone calls me or I get a text message and this does not happen nearly as often as the notifications did.

Oh, and one more thing. My bathroom breaks just got a lot shorter, both at work and at home. 🙂

Since I switched my smartphone to a dumber phone my life just got simpler and more productive. It also helped me to be more mindful about how I spend my free time, even when it is only a few minutes. I highly recommend you to consider changing your own phone habits or downgrade your phone if the problems presented above seem familiar.

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About the author

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