Making future plans: it stars with you

Everything starts with planning. Even if you only think about it for just a few seconds, you still plan it. But when it comes to future plans, you may feel uncertain. But one thing is certain, and that is you. So why not start with planning your future self instead?

Is changing that hard?

You may think “planning is easy, the actual change is what’s hard”. If you have negative thoughts in your head like these right now, don’t worry, I had them too. Here are some great news. Dan Gilbert, American psychologist found out during his research, that people always underestimate the amount they will change in the next ten years. This means if right now you believe you’ll change a little bit, you’ll change a lot and if you believe you’ll change a lot, you’ll change vastly. So why not focusing on changing for the better. And this – like everything else in life – starts with planning.

Creating a clear vision of your future self has its benefits. First you will have a destination. Every journey should have a destination, so why not your longest one? Second, it works on a subconscious level as well. You’ll start noticing things you haven’t noticed before and you’ll think differently about certain topics. Your subconscious will align your mind to your vision.

Start your future plans with yourself

Now, it is time to start this planning. Use the following questions and guidelines to get you going. I recommend recording your answers in writing. Don’t try so hard, play with these ideas and have fun!

  • Think about your dreams and goals, and how the journey to achieve them will change you!
  • What skills and talents will you need to learn?
  • How will achieving these dreams and goals will change you as a person?
  • What kind of bad habits does future you doesn’t have anymore?
  • How will these changes will influence your mindset?
  • What kind of good habits does future you have?
  •  Focus on personal development, not possessions!

Answering these basic questions is a good start, this creates the core. But we will need to clarify your vision even more. Now its time to fill the gaps and go into details. How does you future self’s life look like? The more question you’ll be able to answer the better. Here are some general topics to start your mind going, take your time with them:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Social life, Family
  • Work
  • Free time, Hobbies
  • Weekdays, Weekends

Focus on the essentials

When you feel, that your vision is clear enough pick ten characteristics of future you. These can be habits, skills, talents or mindset related. Pick those that you feel are the most important or essential, and write them down. You can use the templates I made, create a similar drawing or just write them on a clean sheet of paper. Make sure you are able to look at these any time you want to never lose focus of what kind of person you want to become. I carry mine on my smartphone as wallpaper and have a similar poster on my room’s wall, just above the PC screen. These templates are downloadable to our email subscribers.

Planning your future starts with you Planning your future starts with you

I hope this article convinced and help you to create a clear vision of your future plans. I’m really interested in how was your planning. When you were creating this vision how did it feel? What was the most difficult part of creating future you? Did you use my template? Share these with me in an e-mail, I really want to hear what did you got.


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