One awesome trick that will make complex tasks look super easy

Goals Infinite: One awesome trick that will make complex tasks look super easyAt one point in our lives, we all had a huge personal or business task in front of us, that seemed frighteningly complex or just plain difficult. A challenging or seemingly impossible step can stop us right in our tracks, kill motivation and sink performance. Here’s a trick, that I started using daily and I feel more people should know about this. The goal of this article is to offer a solution to deal with complex tasks.

Recently I noticed a drop in my own performance, so I started applying some new ideas. The goal was to increase my performance. This one trick helped me to deal with large tasks, lower the number of unfinished bullets on my action plan at the end of the day and increased my performance and motivation more than expected. Here it is:

Break down your task, into smaller and simpler actions.

This may sound super simple and you are right, it is. But it is powerful beyond your expectations. Just think about it. The most obvious examples are cookbooks. They don’t say Make the dough, Bake the bread, Done, but guide you thru the entire process step by step.

Here’s a business example, tell me which one looks more doable Plan A or Plan B?

Plan A Plan B
  • Do the report for your boss
  • Do the report for your boss
    • Collect the data from
      • Emails
      • Spreadsheets
      • Reports
    • Place the data into a spreadsheet
    • Analyse the data
      • Create charts and graphs

Simple yet powerful and it works, here’s why:

  • First the most obvious one. Simpler tasks are easier to do. You’ll feel less resistance seeing a list of simple steps, instead of one super complex or hard task.
  • You can do this with any task or project and you can do it more than once. If a step still looks complex or hard, you can always break it into smaller actions.
  • A good number of finished tasks on your action plan will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. This will keep you motivated, that is really valuable when dealing with large chunks of work.

Don’t underestimate the power of this simple trick. When I started using it daily, I noticed that not only my performance skyrocketed, but my motivation as well. A sense of accomplishment is something that will help you keep going forward.

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