Obstacles are only in your mind most of the time

Goals Infinite: The obstacles are only in your mind most of the time

During planning or executing a plan obstacles may appear that can slow down or even stop your progress. But are they really there? Are they real obstacles? The goal of this article is the convince the reader to questions the obstacles that they are facing right now or in the future as these are just often in our minds.

Goals Infinite: The obstacles are only in your mind most of the time
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Obstacles can appear anytime. Often just by think about starting a project, your mind will overwhelm you with 100 outcomes that all end up in failure or in situations that stop you from making further progress. Many of these ideas are nonsense I assure you, but at the moment, they look scary as it is hard to filter them. The bold statement this article is making is that most of the obstacles you meet are just in your head and here’s why.

We often limit ourselves. These can be by limiting beliefs, low expectations, fear of failure etc. These are all in our mind and most of the time, they are just not real. Here’s an example to make this clearer. You want to become a jazz pianist. You don’t know anything about the piano and think you are too old the start learning. AND BAM! An obstacle was born in your mind. It is not real. It is not stopping you physically, you don’t need a once in a lifetime opportunity for this and music teachers are not rare to find. But the idea of you “being too old” will stop you from ever pursue your dream. The GIF below perfectly sums this up as the door is only imaginary in the dogs head. The only difference is when people limit themselves like this it often has greater effects.

Dog vs door

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you afraid of others opinion? That shouldn’t stop you from making progress. Opinions are not facts. When others think your project will fail, the best you can do is prove them wrong. This can be hard as it is an art not to give a damn about opinions that doesn’t matter.
  • Do you have limiting beliefs? Yes, you do, everyone does. But limiting beliefs are are nothing more than an opinion about yourself and opinions are not facts. There’s a good chance you are wrong about yourself. They are often not true and you can read more about them in my article How to crush your limiting beliefs.
  • Are you lacking any skill or knowledge that is holding you back? Anyone can learn anything as long as they have the desire. Studies show that 20 hours of focused learning can make you pretty good at anything. You won’t become an expert or the best in the field (that requires about 10000 hours of work), but you’ll have more than the basic skills.
  • Are you lacking opportunities? Opportunities don’t fall from the sky. You’ll have to actively look for them, create opportunities for yourself and take them as they show up.
  • The change seems too big? Don’t worry about it. People are able to change more than they predict. I wrote about this in my article Planning your future starts with you.
  • You don’t have the resources to start pursuing your passion? The lack of time, energy and money are popular excuses. I only have one advice on this topic: Be more selfish with these resources!

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve

Questioning the obstacles you face during your progress will help you separate the real and the fictional problems. Once you do this, you’ll grow in confidence and gain motivation to move forward. If you found this article valuable I’d like to ask you to share it with someone as it costs nothing and will help the site to grow. All help is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in news and upcoming articles from this site, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. If you have some thoughts, that you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment.


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4 thoughts on “Obstacles are only in your mind most of the time

  1. If all the obstacles are in your head, then are there ever actually real obstacles in your way? Or is everything truly just an excuse to stay within your comfort zone?

    1. Excellent question.
      In the article, I mention the most of the obstacles are in our head, but not all.
      I do believe there are real obstacles, but we need to filter the imaginary ones.
      This is the idea this article is about.

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