Making excuses or Making progress

Goals Infinite: Making excuses or Making progressWe all used one or more excuses at one point in our lives. We make excuses why we were late, why we didn’t finish the assigned project or why we don’t want to do something. But what do these excuses represent and why we use them? The goal of this article is to make the reader understand why we are making excuses and how to think about them so you’ll never have to use on again.

Why are we making excuses?

We make excuses because of fear but this is not the primal fear our ancestors had. This fear is often about failure, change, uncertainty, making mistakes or taking responsibility. We use excuses to protect the status quo and as the part of this status quo our ego and ourselves.

Excuses are “keeping you safe” for failure and disappointment by not taking any risks and nailing you to present situation. Making excuses create a false sense of security and they help us justify our behaviour or even our neglect.

What is the problem with making excuses:

All these devastating shortcomings are often overlooked it is easier to we can keep the status quo. Your excuses stand in the way of your personal development.

Making excuses represent a mindset, not problems

People often start making excuses and vividly describing, why that solution won’t work. Instead of wanting a working solution, or making the suggested ideas work, they focus on the problem and not on how to solve it. Most of the time the excuses aren’t even real, but obstacles in the mind. This represents a poor mindset.

limiting beliefs

Looking at a problem from a solution-oriented perspective is a feature of a successful person. This shifts your view on what you want, instead of why are you not there yet or why won’t you get there. In this mindset problems are real but they are no more than bumps on the road.

Here are a few ideas, that will help you shift your focus from the problems to the goal / solution:

  • Excuses never moved anyone forward,
  • Define well what it is that you actually want and why you want it,
  • Make a plan how to achieve what you want,
  • Accept that problems will rise and you’ll have to deal with them,
  • People who don’t make excuses are better achievers,
  • Making progress is more important than feeling safe.

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. Benjamin Franklin

Make excuses or make progress, the choice is yours. The next time you want to come up with an excuse, stop and think about it for a few seconds. Are you ready to start moving forward or you want to stay in one place for the rest of your life?

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