Is challenge a good thing?

Goals Infinite: Is challenge a good thing?A lot of people are afraid of a challenge. They often try to avoid it and just grab onto the status quo. But what is this fear really based on? Is challenge a bad thing or they just looking at it from a different perspective? The goal of this article is to discuss challenge and why different people see it differently.

Two different viewpoints

We all see the world differently so we might see challenge differently as well. The reason for this is often in the mindset. People with passive mindset may see a challenge as another opportunity to fail, and failure equals disappointment. Disappointment is already a negative feeling that is often accompanied by decreasing self-esteem. Who wants to risk experience all for some success that may or may not come? So, they’ll end up not even trying, even the things they always wanted.

People with an active mindset, however, welcome and embrace challenge. They want to experience something new, taste success or learn from defeat. They want more than the status quo, they want the get better. They try the things they want, learn from the experience, grow as a person.

If you want to change your perspective on challenge, you’ll need a good, clear definition. Here is mine:

Challenge is a chance to succeed in something outside of your comfort zone.

Think about it! Most of the time you experience something challenging, it is because it’s new to you, and you may not know where to start. Maybe founding and running a successful company may seem a huge challenge, but others done it before multiple times, it is not impossible. Not to mention, there are tons of benefits facing and completing challenges. Here are just a few:

  • You learn from challenge, there is no learning without challenge,
  • You grow during challenge, there is no growth without challenge,
  • You may discover something new about yourself,
  • Facing challenges widens your comfort zone,
  • Facing challenges will lower your anxiety outside your comfort zone,
  • Overcoming a challenge will make you taste concentrated success. Warning, highly addictive! 🙂

Don’t overthink!

You probably thought about doing something challenging and new. Something you always wanted to try, but after giving it a lot of thought you ended up doing nothing. The reason for this is often a psychological effect called Analysis Paralysis. It is basically overthinking and getting lost in planning. It is pretty common, but the cure is out there. Just do it! Pick a thing you always wanted to do and have the resources for, and do it for 30 days! 30 days is enough time to figure it out. Just do it!

Changing your perspective on challenge may cause a chain reaction in your life. You’ll become more confident to try new things, you’ll think differently about failure and take defeat as a lesson. I really hope this article will make you think about the way you think about challenge. Try adopting the definition from above and see how you’ll perspective will change. If you found this article useful and find it valuable make sure to share it with other people, so they can benefit as well.


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About the author

Gabor Hosszu is the founder and head article writer of Goals Infinite. Being passionate about personal development and helping others were the main reasons he launched this site. By trade Gabor is a mechanical engineer. His hobbies include being a chilli farmer, a video game nerd and a wannabe beer expert.