“I want to do everything but end up doing nothing”

Goals Infinite: I want to do everythings but end up doing nothingWe’ve all been there. We felt super ready to do all the things we planned to in the afternoon, in the evening or on the weekend, yet we end up doing very little or even nothing. How can this happen? What breaks our momentum and stops us so efficiently? These are all the questions we aim to answer. The goal of this article is to discuss the most common obstacles that stop us from achieving and the solutions to deal with them.

Disclaimer: This article is here to discuss the topic only from a productivity point of view. If you suffer from a mental illness like clinical depression or ADHD, seek professional medical help.

This scenario will be familiar to most of us. During the day you have some awesome ideas that you want to spend some time on when you have the free time to do so. When the opportunity arrives, you decide to browse facebook, play video games or do a Game of Thrones marathon. You make little or no progress and it is not a good feeling. Next time it is the same and this happens over and over again until the idea dies out. Why does this happen and how can you deal with this? We collected the most common obstacles that stop us in our tracks and the solutions as well. If you think the only reason you are not making progress is laziness, I have bad news for you. Your problem goes deeper and you need to pinpoint the cue that stops you. It will be one of these.

The next step is out of your comfort zone

9 out of 10 people has trouble when it comes to dealing with new situations, challenges or people. Things that are out of our comfort zone require extra effort and motivation that many of us lack. Tasks may seem hard, impossible or even scary when they are out of your safe zone. Luckily they are not as hard as they may feel.

Solution: One of our previous articles called Life begins at the end of the comfort zone  discusses the general topic of the comfort zone and in our free eBook How to break out of the comfort zone we offer you an easy to follow solution to this problem.

Lack of commitment or motivation

Motivation is the thing that makes us go forward. The strong desire of achieving something special can help us do the impossible and bring out our A game. Lacking the commitment and the motivation are the complete opposite and the signs of underachieving. Finding the required motivation can be hard, but here are some tips that may help.

Solution: My best advice on raising your motivation is to go back to the thing that inspired you and gave you the motivation in the first place. It inspired you once, it can do the same once more. Another thing you can do is visualise the effects of the achieved goals. Paint a desirable picture in your mind about the results you want to get. If you have really hard time reigniting your motivation you may consider reevaluating your goals.

Lack of planning

Without a plan, goals are just dreams. If you don’t have a plan, you don’t know what is the next step. The desire to achieve a certain thing is still there, but you have no idea where to start and what steps to take to make it there. But did you know making a play can be easy?

Solution: Come up with a plan! Design the next steps so you’ll have a plan to follow. If you need any help with this, in our article The building blocks of an awesome plan we offer a simple yet powerful method of planning.


Planning is a great thing. Not knowing when to stop planning and start executing is a bad thing. I have spent so much time with planning my previous project I never got to the Doing phase. This is often referred to as analysis paralysis. The solution may shock you! 🙂

Solution: Accept the fact that you have to stop planning and start doing. In our article DOING is the single most important step you’ll ever make! we discuss the harsh reality, that you are not making progress with planning. When you decide to start doing I urge you to do the most powerful start you can do!

Not making progress can induce a guilty and depressing feeling, but we still do it sometimes as it is a more comfortable and safer option. If your goals really mean something to you, you’ll try to identify which of the reasons mentioned above describes your process the best.

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