How to never lose focus of your goals: 4 easy tips

How to never lose focus of your goalsFocusing on your goals, while performing your daily duties can be hard and it is pretty common to have difficulties like this. The downside is,  if you keep it up your goals will be forgotten just in a few weeks. What if there were some easy tricks that you could do, so you’ll never lose focus of what you want? Lucky you, we’ve collected 4 tips like this. With them, you won’t just remember your goals in the long term, but they will become a part of your daily routine.

Never lose focus again

1. Planning

A successful day starts the night before. Before going to bed, review what you will do the next day to make it a successful one. What action will you take to get closer to your goal? How will it affect your progress? Write them down, preferably in the form of a task list, so you can keep track of them. If you have trouble doing this in the evening, do it in the morning.

Example (for weight loss): “Tomorrow I’ll only have 3 meals. After work, I’ll start my 30-minute workout within 15 minutes after arriving home.”

Action: Define how a successful day looks like to you! What actions do you have to take beside the everyday tasks? How will those actions affect your progress?

2. Writing

In the morning take the time to do some writing. Write down your goals into the same notebook every day. If you need some extra time to do this, get up 5-10 minutes earlier. You may use a different color every day or do a doodle that is related to the goals, to make the notebook look more interesting, exciting. I have my little black notebook that I carry around, so I can take notes, set goals or tasks and read them back as well.

Example (for business): “My goal is to found a web-development company, that makes $100,000 annual profit, at the end of 2020.”

Action: Get a notebook, which you have access to every morning. Write down your goal onto the first page. Copy this sentence every day in the morning! Make sure to have time to do this!

3. Positive self-talk

While travelling or during short brakes ensure yourself with a few positive sentences. This can be about how important your goals are, how motivated and excited you are to work for them. This can be a few memorised lines, a rhyme or something improvised. If you are religious, you may do this in the form of a short prayer as well. The psychological effect behind this is called autosuggestion.

Example (general): “My goals are important to me. Every day I stay motivated, inspired and persistent while working towards them.”

Action: Take a few minutes to come up with these sentences, write down and memorise them.

4. Visual reminder

A drawing, a motivational poster, a framed picture or a hand made statue can be a great visual reminder. Putting them somewhere where you can see them a few times a day will trigger your mind, and remind you of what you want. I highly recommend creating your own instead of finding a premade one. This way your own creation will bring you more joy and create a stronger connection in your head to your goal. I carry a visual reminder on my phone as its wallpaper, so everytime I unlock it, the reminder will be there.

Example:How to never lose focus of your goals

Action: Take a few minutes to plan a visual reminder of your goal. Where will you put it? Set a deadline as well, so you’ll know when will it be ready?

Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.

 – Denis Waitley

If your goals are important to you, you should never lose focus of them. I really hope you’ll make these tips part of your daily routine. They are easy, yet so powerful, there is no way you can’t starting using them today. Take a few minutes to do the actions highlighted here! If you have any question, ideas or your own unique method to never lose focus, feel free to share it with me in an email or in a comment. I’m also really interested in what kind of visual reminder did you come up with. 🙂


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