Free eBook: The Ten Commandments of The Growth Mindset

Due to popular demand, we posted articles like This letter is a perfect summary of the growth mindset and A detailed introduction to the growth mindset to cover the topic thoroughly. Today, as the final part of this series, I present to you our growth mindset book:

Goals Infinite’s Second Free eBook

The Ten Commandments of The Growth Mindset

Goals Infinite: The Ten Commandment of The Growth Mindset Book

About the book:

This growth mindset book contains the Do’s and Don’ts. It helps the reader understand the differences between the fixed and the growth thinking. Due to its format, it is easy to digest and also contains a summary page where you can find all the commandments. Print it, to make sure you can see them every day!

On the final pages, you’ll find a workbook, that will help you identify your most frequent fixed mindset thoughts and come up with a proper way to deal with them.

If you want to develop the growth mindset this eBook will help you!

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