Goals Infinite was founded with one goal: we want to help people to achieve their goals and adjust their mindset to a more efficient one. This site is for those who want to become better. We are not here to convince you, you have to make the conscious decision to become better and we are here to help you with the rest.


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Here’s a list of articles, that we are proud of

Adjusting your mindset can get you the right results

Passive resistance vs Active resistance The blog started with an inspirational story, that blew up in popularity. It shows the struggles I had and the way I came to the conclusion, that I had to turn my mindset around. The article presents the idea of a Passive mindset vs an Active mindset.

Infographic: Goal Setting Done Right!

Info_featured Here at Goals Infinite we believe that a properly set goal is 50% of the job done. In our first infographic, we collected the reasons why to set goals, how to do it and how to boosts your chances of succeeding and achieve your goals.

Dreams are not Goals

DREAM_GOALS3 Do you have dreams? That’s good, but the harsh truth is that dreaming is not enough. You have to come up with goals. What is the difference between goals and dreams? The answer is design.

Life begins at the end of the comfort zone

Goals Infinite: Life starts at the end of the comfort zone The term comfort zone is thrown around a lot these days, but what are we really talking about? How does it work? The prevents us from stepping out of the comfort zone? This article has the answers. These thoughts were later supplemented and the material became an eBook.

“I want to do everything but end up doing nothing”

Goals Infinite: I want to do everythings but end up doing nothing We all have been there. Our mind is racing with ideas what to do in our free time and how to do it productively. But when the time arrives we achieve very little or nothing. We use laziness as an excuse, but did you know that laziness is only a symptom, not the root cause. The ideas presented here were featured on www.LifeHacker.com.

The best productivity hack I’ve ever heard

Goals Infinite: The best productivity hack I've ever heard The late novelist Raymond Chandler believed that an author has to do 4 hours of writing every day. He had trouble to accomplish this so he came up with the rule called The Nothing Alternative. I used this hack to finish this article 40% faster. The ideas presented here were featured on www.LifeHacker.com.

About the author

profil Gabor Hosszu is the founder and head article writer of Goals Infinite. His obsession with self-help books, the growth mindset, planning and productivity hacks made him realise early, that continuous self-improvement is what drives him forward.
No matter if it’s finishing a master’s degree, getting into the top 10% of players in a video game or losing 25 pounds, he was ready to take on the challenge.
Being passionate about personal development and helping others were the main reasons he launched this site. By trade Gabor is a mechanical engineer. His hobbies include being a chilli farmer, a video game nerd and a wannabe beer expert.

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