3 important lessons I learned from a notorious video game

Goals Infinite: 3 important lessons I learned from a notorious video gameI’ve been a video game nerd my whole life. Now I have a different perspective on them, thanks to my involvement in personal development. One of my most recent experiences made me realise that playing hard games helps me grow. The goal of this article is to present the important lessons I discovered (while playing a challenging video game) that will help your personal development.

The benefits of playing a hard video game

I recently picked up Dark Souls, a skill based video game that is infamous for its difficulty. The game constantly throws challenges, hard enemies and near impossible boss fights at the player. It forces you to recognise movement and attack patterns, to try different approaches and to learn from your mistakes. Anyone who starts playing this has to be prepared to die a lot.

This game was a strange choice for me, especially knowing that I had trouble dealing with failure, loss and challenge in the past. I was a sore loser, so I enjoyed easy games and winning them, but facing challenges and loss often got me frustrated. After noticing this I decided to improve on it and develop the growth mindset. Recently I made progress and I have an article and an ebook that can help you do the same.

A perfect example of my transformation was one particular boss fight that really put my skills and patience to the test. I failed 60+ times and it took me 2 days to beat it. But when I did, it was the feeling was true success. I can’t even remember when was the last time I failed the same thing over 60 times and didn’t give up. With my old mindset, this wouldn’t be possible but through effort and persistence, I triumphed.

What did I learn from one of the most difficult video games?

Here I collected all the important lessons that this game helped me embrace. They align well with what the growth mindset represents and can help your personal growth.

You have to face challenge to make progress

We tend to avoid challenges as they can often come with the taste of failure. While we do this we are standing in one place, instead of moving forward. Facing, understanding and overcoming these challenges are essential to make progress, so challenges are good things. This game implements this idea perfectly as it throws increasingly difficult enemies at you. You have to face them, understand them and overcome them to make progress. You can apply the thought to real life challenges as well.

Approach every mistake and failure as a lesson

This game is difficult but fair. Every time you die it is your fault. All the mistakes you make will be punished, so it is important to get better and perfect your technique. The best way to improve is to learn from your mistakes. Identify what you have to do differently to succeed or to get closer to succeeding. Remember, if you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost. If you have trouble dealing with failure read this.

Adapting to new situations is a key feature of a winner

If you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll get the same results. The enemies in Dark Souls can be very different from each other and this encourages the player to experiment and try different approaches. Thinking outside of the box can surprise you with unexpected results. The ability to adapt to new situations is considered the sign of true intelligence. To develop it take trips out of your comfort zone regularly.

When I first started this game I only wanted to challenge myself and see why this game was so notorious. Now I know but also I rediscover the important lessons of facing challenges, learning from failures and the ability to adapt. The next time you face a difficult situation, may it be in real life or in a digital world, know that with effort and persistence you can overcome it.

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